Maria Sharapova : In Bikini, In Swim Suit, In Her Natural beauty

Maria Sharapova has been the famous name in the world of sports and the fashion world.
It is a matter on fact that Anna Kournikova have made tennis sexy, and now it's Maria Sharapova who is making it further interesting. The media loves women athletes not only for their contributions only; but for their physical beauty, too. Of course, it's good if these sports women are young, blond, gorgeous and don't mind having their photos in swimsuits or other "barely-there" garb.

Maria Sharapova: Sharapova, aged just 21, made the Forbes ‘Best Paid Celebs Under 30′ list in 2008. The Siberian Siren made around $26 million in the year – apart from the cover of international fashion magazines. It’s no wonder that she’s the highest-paid female athlete in the world.

Maria has done magic in fashion territory and lifestyle world. It is to her enticing credit that many of London’s up and coming faces on the catwalk modelled the season’s fashion look by young urban designers to compliment the Maria Sharapova Design Collection. There are certain extraordinary design collections that are inspired by Maria Sharapova’s own global lifestyle, and the latest fashion trends.

Sharapova is the tennis world’s newest and freshest star. While she may compare favorably to Anna Kournikova on the modeling runway, Maria is most dazzling, and looing aunmathed to an extent too, when she steps on the tennis court. Her serve is overpowering, her ground strokes are penetrating, and her will to win is punishing.

It is also interesting to note that Anna Kournikova made tennis sexy, and now it’s Maria Sharapova. The media loves women athletes. Of course, it’s best if they are young, blond, gorgeous and mind very less posing in swimsuits or other napkin-sided outfits.

Powerful, blonde and over six feet tall, Maria Sharapova was only 17 when she won the prestigious Wimbledon tennis tournament in 2004. Sharapova first turned pro in 2001 at the young age of 14. PowerShot to another level. Maria’s powerful and magnetic personality always comes through on the court.

Blonde, leggy, and beautiful. If those are the only adjectives you use, then you are certainly describing Maria Sharapova. She can pull off the whole Blonde Goddess thing with ease – it’s no problem when you’re a world-class athlete, a multi-multi millionaire and 6-foot-2 inches of beautiful. But then she unleases this very un-goddesslike noise, a booming sound that has nothing to do with smashing the stuffing out of a two-ounce tennis ball.

There’s an elusive, untouchable quality about marai Sharapova that has less to do with her tenis career than her exquisite appearance. Maria has used her sex appeal to be used judiciaously in her career in the field of modeling, too. In turn such things also help promot the particular sports, too.

Many a time controversy around using sex to sell women’s sports arises, but each time a new icon like Sarapova emerges in the sky of fashion and lifestyle, the questions and debates on the subject begin. The sporting question is that should the media push the sex-appeal of the top female athetes? Or should the sould the sportswomen use their body’s to advance in the sport?

According to one study those sexy photos don’t necessarily promote or encourage people to follow women’s sports, and generally they don’t make anyone more likely to attend a women’s sporting event. But the sexy sportswoman like Maria Sarapova can make a difference. And when such difference is made, it is made in on an extraordinary scale. A model like Sharapova can affect so many people’s life in general and the fashion trend in particular. [Image courtesy By Chris Eason (Maria Sharapova) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons Wikimedia CommonsMaria Sharapova in Bikini, Courtesy Flikr, by dg tame aztek]

Look at the photos of Gabrielle Reece, Brandi Chastain, Maria Sharapova, Danica Patrick, and Amanda Beard. Can you say that whether people remember their sports achievements or just their sexy photo albums?

Tennis star Sharapova visits UNDP youth projects in Belarus Gomel, (Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons)


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